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Vote For Vancouver Foodster’s 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge!

Vancouver’s cocktail scene is explosive with tastes ranging dramatically on the “flavour scale.” We find that the best flavours come from locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients – so when the Vancouver Foodster invited us to participate in the 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge, we couldn’t wait to make a drink that boasted this philosophy.

After hours of very enjoyable research, brainstorming and tasting, we crafted our feature drink: the Boa Bite. This dry, incredibly refreshing cocktail is inspired by the Snakebite and Black AKA Diesel – a popular cocktail from the UK made of lager or stout, hard cider and blackcurrant syrup.


Above: the Boa Bite

We’ve taken this classic and added our own local flare with 99.98% local ingredients from Vancouver, Vancouver Island and muddled mint from our very own rooftop garden. The garnish of caramel lacing is the only ingredient not brewed, stewed or grown locally – but we do make the lacing in house.


Above: Mint from our rooftop garden

For more information and to participate in the Vancouver Foodster’s 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge, please click here or visit: http://vancouverfoodster.com/100-mile-cocktail-challenge/

So come on down to our ABODE and enjoy our south facing Robson Street patio or grab a window seat inside below Tom Dixon’s creative lighting and let us know what you think of the Boa Bite!


Above: Window seating facing Robson Street