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Party at the Park

Just a hop, skip and a jump from ABODE restaurant lives the beautiful Stanley Park & this past weekend it celebrated its 125th birthday with the entire city. There was something for everyone & with five festival zones, how could there not be?  Everything from historic tours, nature displays at Lost Lagoon, rugby & cricket at Brockton, The Stage at Second Beach, Shakespeare at the Gardens, & concession stands aplenty, it was tons of fun for kids of all ages. A highlight was definitely the Arkells performance at Second Beach.  It’s not hard to see why they won a Juno for best group of the year. While I rocked out at second beach, The Arch was a great place to have your face painted, hang out with a purple pirate and enjoy a stunning dance performance by The Korean Dance Society. Although I missed the open house at HMCS Discovery at Deadmans Island, my are fingers crossed that I’ll get the chance to take a tour another time.

It’s not hard to see why this beautiful park, the pride and joy of Vancouver, was named Trip Advisors Best Park in the World for their first ever annual Travelers Choice Awards. Stanley Park ’s 1000 acres of rainforest, marshland and beaches are visited by over 8 million visitors a year and as a newcomer to this beautiful city, there is honestly nothing better then taking a long bike ride around the seawall at sunset. Stanley Park is #1 for me in reasons why I love this city. Thanks Lord Stanley, can’t wait for the next party.