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Modern Comfort Food

Comfort food is the cuisine that awakens fond memories, triggered by simple tastes and smells. Over the decades, many of the foods that we connected to became homogenized and processed. In the 1950s food trended to canned meats and frozen TV dinners and replaced fresh home-made meals. At ABODE, we have returned to fresh home-made comfort food and added an international flare. We serve modern comfort food. Find these plates on our new All Day Menu.

Comfort food is always approachable and familiar. Today there is added variety to North American favourites such as macaroni and cheese or meatloaf. Our modern comfort foods have rustic home-cooked flavours from around the world, made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Comfort foods vary by person, region and culture – experiences and upbringings are the foundation of what comfort food means to individuals. Vancouver’s diverse population with roots from around the world has shaped our City’s wonderful cultural landscape and that has inspired the creation of several of our dishes.

So wherever you grew up and whichever tastes and smells you find comforting, we hope you find them in our ABODE.

Below: Meatballs + Pasta.
A traditional comfort food favourite that features tender, hand rolled veal and beef meatballs.Topped with a fresh rose sauce made in house.
Meatballs are found in nearly 30 international cuisines!

spaghetti and meatballs

Below: Chickpea Masala.
Savour our buttery cumin dusted naan paired with our mild version of this
classic Indian and Pakistani dish with far away spices.

chickpea masala