ABODE Restaurant


COMFORT is the cornerstone of ABODE’s food menu philosophy.  Built on more than just sustenance, our menu is designed to create a link between Modern and Current with all the Memories of Flavours from our Past that make us feel connected when adapting to our modern times. Memories of our mother in the kitchen, that favourite food that we loved growing up with or new favourites we enjoy today as adults – this is ABODE.

We all desire connection and at ABODE we take that very seriously. Not only is our cuisine inspired by food that evokes the emotions of comfort but our menu is nutritious and delicious – ingredients that keep us feeling warm, healthy and that create a sense of connection to home. In today’s fast paced society, ABODE is the neighbourhood’s newest community where you can recharge to feel emotionally connected, healthy, indulged and well taken care of. Its your new Modern Home that offers fresh cuisine, while catering to your busy modern lifestyle.

Stop by for your favourite coffee or tea drink on the way to work, grab a take-out meal to-go at lunch, create a picnic to go to the beach, sit down and have a meal or just sip on your favourite cocktail at night. We have created a new place for you to hang out, connect, relax, eat or drink all in modern comfortable surroundings.


Our take on classic favourites combine simple, fresh and complex new flavours that foster an exciting new palette for home-style cooking. ABODE’s tailored but relaxed environment, contemporary cocktail lounge, coffee bar and delectable eats will keep you coming back for more, sure to make it Vancouver’s newest ‘home’ within the West End.