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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s  Day is fast approaching

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>>>>>>>>>> Valentines <<<<<<<<<<

marilyncocktail Did you know that nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentines day. Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentines, is a holiday observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a holiday in most of them. Marilyn has enjoyed Valentines Day at ABODE. 


Happy New Year, Dine Out is here !

Happy New years everyone. Dine Out Vancouver is here.


BRUCSHETTA TAPENADE Grilled naan and olive crostini accompanied by fresh Roma tomato and balsamic bruschetta with a Kalamata olive tapenade.


CAULIFLOWER POPPERS Locally grown cauliflower dusted with rice flower, quick fried until golden topped with grana padano and chives. Accompanied by our own garlic aioli dip. A staff favorite.



HAND ROLLED PUMPKIN GNOCCHI A vegetarian treat of hand rolled pumpkin gnocchi with fresh house made ricotta and mozzarella cheese. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, it’s then topped with a Portobello mushroom cap stuffed with red pepper hummus and creamy herb feta.

Enjoy with a glass of the Desert Hills Cactus White $7


CRAB + PRAWN CIOPINNO A rich tomato seafood blend made famous by immigrant Italian fishermen who would prepare it with ingredients fresh from the ocean as they sailed back to port.  Here at ABODE, we follow in their footsteps using a delicious mix of crab claws, prawns, salmon, cod and mussels in a sumptuous tomato broth.

Wonderful when combined with the Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse White $8


OVEN ROASTED BREAST OF DUCK Dusted in pistachio and Amaretto jus.  Served with prosciutto mashed potatoes.  Accompanied by a crisp kale and pomegranate salad.

Delicious when paired with a glass of the Meyer Family Pinot Noir $12



GRAND MARNIER CHOCOLATE MOUSSE The perfect way to finish your meal.


We have a fine selection of Scotches and After Dinner Coffees to complete your evening.

Lady With Cocktail

When you arrive to our ABODE, you’ll meet Marilyn, the lady in our lounge having a cocktail in the sky.

Marilyn is known to put smiles on people’s faces. Her classic taste in a variety of cuisines and an array of cocktails acclaims our concept of modern comfort food and our new cocktail list. Classy and  fun, glamourous and sophisticated – Marilyn transcends stereotypes and always stays true to her self.


Vote For Vancouver Foodster’s 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge!

Vancouver’s cocktail scene is explosive with tastes ranging dramatically on the “flavour scale.” We find that the best flavours come from locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients – so when the Vancouver Foodster invited us to participate in the 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge, we couldn’t wait to make a drink that boasted this philosophy.

After hours of very enjoyable research, brainstorming and tasting, we crafted our feature drink: the Boa Bite. This dry, incredibly refreshing cocktail is inspired by the Snakebite and Black AKA Diesel – a popular cocktail from the UK made of lager or stout, hard cider and blackcurrant syrup.


Above: the Boa Bite

We’ve taken this classic and added our own local flare with 99.98% local ingredients from Vancouver, Vancouver Island and muddled mint from our very own rooftop garden. The garnish of caramel lacing is the only ingredient not brewed, stewed or grown locally – but we do make the lacing in house.


Above: Mint from our rooftop garden

For more information and to participate in the Vancouver Foodster’s 100 Mile Cocktail Challenge, please click here or visit: http://vancouverfoodster.com/100-mile-cocktail-challenge/

So come on down to our ABODE and enjoy our south facing Robson Street patio or grab a window seat inside below Tom Dixon’s creative lighting and let us know what you think of the Boa Bite!


Above: Window seating facing Robson Street

Modern Comfort Food

Comfort food is the cuisine that awakens fond memories, triggered by simple tastes and smells. Over the decades, many of the foods that we connected to became homogenized and processed. In the 1950s food trended to canned meats and frozen TV dinners and replaced fresh home-made meals. At ABODE, we have returned to fresh home-made comfort food and added an international flare. We serve modern comfort food. Find these plates on our new All Day Menu.

Comfort food is always approachable and familiar. Today there is added variety to North American favourites such as macaroni and cheese or meatloaf. Our modern comfort foods have rustic home-cooked flavours from around the world, made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. Comfort foods vary by person, region and culture – experiences and upbringings are the foundation of what comfort food means to individuals. Vancouver’s diverse population with roots from around the world has shaped our City’s wonderful cultural landscape and that has inspired the creation of several of our dishes.

So wherever you grew up and whichever tastes and smells you find comforting, we hope you find them in our ABODE.

Below: Meatballs + Pasta.
A traditional comfort food favourite that features tender, hand rolled veal and beef meatballs.Topped with a fresh rose sauce made in house.
Meatballs are found in nearly 30 international cuisines!

spaghetti and meatballs

Below: Chickpea Masala.
Savour our buttery cumin dusted naan paired with our mild version of this
classic Indian and Pakistani dish with far away spices.

chickpea masala


And [We] Will Give To You… Summer Wine!

We’re excited for patio season so we’ve put away our winter coats and added some new treats to our drink list!  Joining our 6 other delicious wines on tap, you’ll find Blasted Church’s Hatfield’s Fuse and Laughing Stock Vineyard’s Blind Trust White on the list.

A reputation for quirky labels and divine wine has brought Blasted Church to the centre of the Okanagan Valley winery scene. Hatfield’s Fuse’s crisp lime and zesty pink grapefruit tones leave a long, lingering finish that, as eloquently put by Lee Hazlewood, will have you “craving for more summer wine.” Don’t worry, we love Bono/Andrea’s and Lana Del Ray’s version of Summer Wine too… we’re just giving due credit to the original! Click here to listen to the original version of this timeless tune.

Above: Cheers from ABODE!

The Laughing Stock team loves irony… when it comes to their name! The Laughing Stock family are actually a serious bunch who give financial terms a whole new meaning. As beneficiaries give full trust to executors and have no knowledge of the holdings in a financial blind trust, wine drinkers give full trust to the winemakers who have full discretion to concoct Blind Trust White’s secret blend.

Blind Trust 2012 has been known to have wine drinkers across Canada forever trusting in this beloved Okanogan winery after one delightful sip. Coined best “Mystery Wine” at the 2014 Canadian Culinary Championships, the Laughing Stock team have completed their mission and did not live up to their name.

Whether you have spent the day in the sun, working inside yearning to catch some rays or out and about in the city – join us on our patio to unwind and recharge! Our south facing patio is beautiful on any sunny day and gets drenched in afternoon and evening sun.

Espresso Yourself in our Coffee Bar!

We’d like to shine the spotlight on a special supplier that is dear to our caffeine-charged hearts – Elysian Coffee. With two cafes and a successful wholesale division, Elysian has become one of Vancouver’s favorite names for a perfect cup. A staple on coffee heads’ top ten lists, the company is serious when it comes to the art of coffee, sourcing only fresh, ethically sourced beans and roasting in small batches here in Vancouver.

Coffee plays an important role in Vancouver’s way of life so we designed ABODE with this in mind. Not only are we a cocktail lounge and restaurant, but we also are part of the city’s vibrant coffee culture. Bring a friend and enjoy our casual yet contemporary cafe area. Soak up the spring sunshine on our patio with a coffee of your choice as you watch Robson Street get ready for the summer season.


ABODE is also ideal for coffee lovers on-the-go. Come by and let one of our talented baristas craft you a latte, cappuccino or Americano. Feel like something hearty? Add an espresso shot to your morning smoothie – we make them fresh on the spot! Or pick up something from our bakery display case to help get you going.

So espresso yourself and let us know how you like your coffee!