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And [We] Will Give To You… Summer Wine!

We’re excited for patio season so we’ve put away our winter coats and added some new treats to our drink list!  Joining our 6 other delicious wines on tap, you’ll find Blasted Church’s Hatfield’s Fuse and Laughing Stock Vineyard’s Blind Trust White on the list.

A reputation for quirky labels and divine wine has brought Blasted Church to the centre of the Okanagan Valley winery scene. Hatfield’s Fuse’s crisp lime and zesty pink grapefruit tones leave a long, lingering finish that, as eloquently put by Lee Hazlewood, will have you “craving for more summer wine.” Don’t worry, we love Bono/Andrea’s and Lana Del Ray’s version of Summer Wine too… we’re just giving due credit to the original! Click here to listen to the original version of this timeless tune.

Above: Cheers from ABODE!

The Laughing Stock team loves irony… when it comes to their name! The Laughing Stock family are actually a serious bunch who give financial terms a whole new meaning. As beneficiaries give full trust to executors and have no knowledge of the holdings in a financial blind trust, wine drinkers give full trust to the winemakers who have full discretion to concoct Blind Trust White’s secret blend.

Blind Trust 2012 has been known to have wine drinkers across Canada forever trusting in this beloved Okanogan winery after one delightful sip. Coined best “Mystery Wine” at the 2014 Canadian Culinary Championships, the Laughing Stock team have completed their mission and did not live up to their name.

Whether you have spent the day in the sun, working inside yearning to catch some rays or out and about in the city – join us on our patio to unwind and recharge! Our south facing patio is beautiful on any sunny day and gets drenched in afternoon and evening sun.