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Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

Vancouver has enjoyed quite an autumn so far. We’ve seen more sunshine this month than we have in some time, and it’s fair to say the staff here at ABODE has enjoyed extending the patio season a little longer than usual.

With November just around the corner, it has us reflecting on the importance of the season, and what it means when it comes to our food. Some of the most beautiful and flavorful vegetables British Columbia has to offer are harvested at this time of year, from common grocery store staples like pumpkin, squash and spinach – to more exotic choices like okra or yardlong beans, which despite their deceptive name are in actuality about half the size.

The comforts of this season are abundant, and we Vancouverites are lucky to live in a city that appreciates our local produce in such a measurable way. One clear example is our active Farmer’s Market scene, which has seen a tremendous increase in popularity around our city in the last couple of years.

The Vancouver Farmer’s Market kicks off its Winter Market on November 2 at Nat Bailey Stadium, and is a perfect opportunity to bring home some beautiful, fresh and seasonal produce directly from your local farmer, as well as items like meat, seafood and dairy. Visit eatlocal.org for more details.